Jeanette Schmid


MEd (School Counseling), University of Witwatersrand (ZA); PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jeanette Schmid is a seasoned social work researcher, consultant, practitioner, and educator with a strong interdisciplinary focus. Her qualifications include a social work doctorate, a master in education (School Counseling) and diplomas in Remedial Education and Public Policy, Development and Administration. She also was a registered psycho-oncology counsellor and is trained in mediation and restorative practices. Jeanette’s engagement has been directed by a passion for social justice and community capacity building and her academic interrogation occurs through a critical lens. She has lived and worked in South Africa, Switzerland, the United States of America and Canada and has a nuanced appreciation of global North-South dynamics in the social services arena. She is a skilled researcher and has an extensive publication record. She has made a significant contribution to the conceptualization of child welfare by extending developmental social welfare into the child welfare field and promotes an integrated, indigenized approach to dealing with vulnerable children and families. Jeanette’s research interests further include social policy, organizational development and social service workforce issues. Jeanette has served diverse and marginalized populations, working across race, class, gender, religious, (dis)ability and national backgrounds. She is an effective leader, having taken on managerial and board roles. Finally, Jeanette is an experienced instructor, mentor, supervisor and trainer, having taught both in community and academic contexts across Certificate/Diploma, Bachelors and Master levels and across disciplines, including social work, criminology, and community support/educational assistant programs.