Holly Bradley

Field Education Coordinator

BSW, McGill University; MSW, University of British Columbia; RSW

Holly Bradley joined VIU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Human Services in 2009 and in addition to her Practicum Coordinator role for the BSW, Social Services diploma and Education Assistant and Community Support programs, Holly supported students as a counsellor through Student Affairs and taught counselling skills courses through the Professional Development and Training department. As a registered Social Worker with 30 years of experience Holly’s practice has focused on counselling, mental health and trauma recovery, health care, home and community support, youth protection, and rehabilitation support within the disability sector.  Holly received her MSW from the University of British Columbia with a minor in Women’s Studies in 1997 and her BSW in 1987 from McGill University. Her MSW focus examined women’s healing from sexual abuse through yoga, and her BSW focused on the use of somatic and self-awareness strategies to heal patterns of disordered eating and body image. Holly maintains a private practice offering health and wellness presentations and facilitation in both the non-profit and corporate sectors.