Health Career Access Program (HCAP)

Become a Health Care Assistant

What is HCAP?

HCAP is a provincial program that makes it easier for you to become a Health Care Assistant. When you take part in HCAP, you get funding to complete the Health Care Assistant (HCA) program in exchange for a commitment to work as a Health Care Assistant for a year after graduation. You are paid standard rates for your work.

Get paid to learn

If you’re accepted in the program, you’ll work full-time as a Health Care Support Worker (HCSW) until the Health Care Assistant (HCA) program starts. While you attend the HCA program at VIU, you’ll be paid the same wage to study full time. You do not need to work while you study, and your tuition is covered by the BC Government HCAP program.

Steps to becoming a VIU HCAP student

  1. Apply for HCAP by submitting an expression of interest (EOI) to the Health Career Access Program.
    You can also apply for a  Health Care Support Worker role on the Island Health Job Search. Search for postings for Health Care Support Worker or Health Care Support Worker positions and EOIs. Email for details.
  2. Apply to VIU and meet all admission requirements.
  3. Receive confirmation of enrolment in the VIU HCA program.
  4. Begin the VIU HCA program.

There will be other steps related to your employment.

VIU pre-requisites

To qualify for the HCAP program at VIU, you must have high school English 10 or the equivalent.

  • The Accuplaceer English equivalency test will provide proof of your level of English proficiency
  • If you haven’t attended school in an English-speaking environment you must take the English Proficiency test. Email for details.
  • You may need to take both Accuplacer and the English Proficiency tests.
  • If you don’t meet the English requirements you can enrol in English courses at VIU

What’s next?

If HCAP sounds like a good fit for you, start your application today. You can apply with an expression of interest to the Heatlh Career Access Program or you can start by applying for a Health Support Worker role with Island Health.