Become a Client

If you wish to become a client, please call our Dental Clinic at 250.740.6240.

We are a teaching clinic; therefore, when you call you may have to leave a message on our voicemail.  Please provide your name, telephone number, and the reason you called.  Your call is important to us.  Students will call back at the earliest availability.  This may take a few days.

The Dental Clinic is closed during Christmas, statutory holidays, and June, July and August.

Screening Appointment

  • At your first visit, you will provide a health history and complete a consent form.
  • Your blood pressure will be taken so clothing worn should easily expose this area (loose-fitting sleeves or short sleeves).
  • This appointment takes about 1 hour.
  • The fee associated with care is accepted at this appointment and there is no cost for subsequent treatment appointments.
  • There are a limited number of screenings throughout the school year.

Treatment Appointments

After being accepted as a client:

  • Based on your oral health needs and student learning, you will be assigned to a dental student.
  • The student will provide care as determined by the assessment.  Radiographs (x-rays) may be required to accurately determine your treatment needs.
  • The number of appointments that are required to complete your treatment will depend on the level of care you need (generally 2 to 8 appointments).

Teaching takes time. Appointments are typically 2 to 4 hours long.  Several visits may be required to complete your dental care.  It is important that you are available to receive treatment at different times during the week, including Saturdays.

If you need to cancel an appointment, 3 days notice must be given to our clinic. To book or change your appointment, please call the Dental Clinic at 250.740.6240.

We value the time commitment you are making to support student learning. Your promise to attend scheduled appointments will assist students in completing their educational requirements.