HSHS Employee Resource Manual

The HSHS Employee Resource Manual is updated annually, and contains useful information for faculty on a variety of topics.


Directed Studies

You must get the Associate Dean's approval to have a Directed Studies section created and to be paid for your work. A Curriculum Plan must be attached to all registration forms and must include your plan for evaluating the student's work.

All signatures must be provided and then submitted to the Dean's Assistant for the Associate Dean's signature.

Once the Associate Dean has signed the form, the Dean's Assistant will contact Records and will request that the section be opened with the appropriate number of seats (to a maximum of 5 seats). When Records confirms the section is opened, the student(s) will receive an email with instructions. The instructor will be copied on this email.

Instructors are paid, based on confirmed registrations, on the paydays subsequent to the fifth and tenth weeks of the course.

Prior Learning Assessment

Bring or send the form to the Dean's Assistant, who will seek approval for you and get the section opened. Once this is done, the student will be notified to pick up the form and go register. 

Grades can be submitted electronically via on-line grade submission, by email to Records, or by completing the grade entry form.

Faculty Payment - VIUFA 

Faculty will be paid after the Summary of Results form has been submitted. They will be reimbursed $250 per student per 3-credit course, pro-rated according to the number of credits in the course. Faculty who are assessing a block of courses totalling 9 credits or more may choose to conduct a comprehensive assessment. Faculty are paid $500 for the first 9 credits, and $15 per credit thereafter, on a per student basis.

Faculty Payment - BCGEU (Letter of Understanding 1)

Faculty will be paid $125 per student for courses up to 75 hours, $250 per student for courses 75-150 hours, and $375 per student for courses over 150 hours. They will be paid $450 per student for comprehensive assessments of blocks of 3 or more courses.