Mission, Beliefs, Values


In Health Sciences and Human Services at Vancouver Island University we foster student success. We develop and maintain relevant, responsive, and stimulating learning opportunities that are community-based, globally and locally, and offered in a visionary, interprofessional environment that is conducive to learning and promotes health and wellness for all.


We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour, and we can work together with individuals and communities to co-create a positive, relational environment that promotes a sense of belonging, personal and collaborative participation, a sense of community, and enhanced well-being. We believe our work should be based on clear communication and open dialogue, evidence-based practice and research, and on joy and passion.


  • Lifelong learning “as a way of being.”
  • Being part of the community.
  • Community partnerships.
  • Equity and Diversity.
  • Interprofessional teaching, learning, and practice.
  • A positive working, teaching, and learning environment.
  • The pursuit of new knowledge.
  • Community partnerships. Collegiality.
  • Collaboration. Innovation.
  • Learner-centredness.
  • Humanism.
  • We value quality of work life, recruitment of new and retention of current faculty, staff, and students.
  • We value “the tried and true” as well as the new.

Goals of the Faculty

In Health Sciences and Human Services the goals are to:

  • Support leading edge teaching and research in Health Sciences and Human Services thinking and practice by students and faculty who bring real world experience, knowledge and workplace context;
  • Build highly qualified health and human service talent in order to foster innovation and progress for Health Sciences and Human Services and government in British Columbia, Canada and worldwide; and
  • Increase access to high quality undergraduate and graduate education for a broad group of learners ranging from those entering the post-secondary environment for the first time to those Health Sciences and Human Services professionals and their allied counterparts who are already working.

Desired Student Outcomes

Throughout HHS programs, students will:

  • Expand competencies in HHS learning, research and practice;
  • Effectively conduct and evaluate applied HHS research;
  • Develop scholarship and applied skill in HHS practice;
  • Communicate learning and research findings and outcomes;
  • Create solutions to HHS issues that will increase best practices in the field;
  • Meet professional and educational standards and ethical requirements;
  • Enhance professional responsibility and credibility; and
  • Derive intrinsic satisfaction from higher level learning.