Health Labs Support and Information

All Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Health Care Assistant (HCA), and Practical Nursing (LPN) students are encouraged to complete additional practice time in the health labs and prepare themselves for evaluations, clinical practice, and actual client care experiences.

Each student needs an Activated Lab Access Card to enter the Health Labs outside regular operating hours.

Access is conditional on responsible use of the labs and respect for department policies. Failure to meet these requirements may result in loss of unsupervised access to the health labs. Students registered at either Nanaimo or Cowichan may practice at either campus, as space allows.

Access cards are available from the bookstore ($10 non-refundable). Please fill out and submit a Lab Access Card form to your Program Assistant so your card can be programmed. Allow 3-5 working days for processing. Ensure your card works before you actually need to use it.

Use of the cards is tracked by computer, access is logged and students can be held accountable for damages. Security will ask students who do not have access cards to leave the lab.

Students may practice in the health labs at the times listed in the brochure where the campus is open and the labs are not otherwise booked. Remember to request your equipment and supply needs in advance.

After hours lab access may be periodically restricted due to program requirements.

  • Nanaimo Campus: Building 210 Rooms 360/380
  • Cowichan Campus: Building 700 Room 260

Note: Weekly class schedules are also posted outside the doors for Nanaimo Campus. Check room availability.


  • Call security when in lab unsupervised after 6pm
  • Work in pairs or use a buddy system
  • Do not let anyone else into the lab. Only HHS students may be present in the lab
  • Ensure all doors are closed firmly

Security Contact

Nanaimo campus

  • Weekdays: 6600 (campus local) or 250.740.6600
  • Evenings and Weekends: 3812 (campus local) or 250.753.3812
  • Non-Emergency: 250.740.6512

Cowichan campus

  • Weekdays: 8 to 4pm: 3500 (emergency and non-emergency)
  • Evenings and Weekends: 6600 (emergency) 250.732.0070 (non-emergency)

Lab Hours Subject to changes.

Nanaimo Campus

Labs may be used whenever they are not booked, but access cards will be required outside regular operating hours, 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Day(s) Times
Weekdays Building Doors 7am to 10pm
Labs (by card access only) 4 to 10pm
Saturdays Building Doors 6:45am to 6pm
Labs (by card access only) 7:30am to 10pm
Sundays and Stat Holidays Building Doors 7:30am to 4:30pm
Labs (by card access only) 7:30am to 10pm
Campus Closures No access i.e. snow days and over Christmas break

Cowichan Campus

Must vacate the lab by the time the building doors lock. Access cards do not open the buildings front doors.

Day(s) Times
Monday to Thursday Building Doors 7am to 9:30pm
Lab (by card access only) 4 to 9:30pm
Fridays Building Doors 7am to 5pm
Lab (by card access only) No Access
Saturdays Building Doors 8am to 4pm
Lab (by card access only) No Access
Campus Closures No access

Phone: 250.740.6224
Location: Building 210, Room 352

  • Lab Resource Nurse feedback is non-evaluative
  • A skill plan must be communicated at time of booking
  • Appointments are not an opportunity to make up for missed lab classes, and will be booked on an individual basis in consultation with the Lab Resource Nurse
  • Canceled appointments may result in the student not being able to re-book
  • Appointments involving three or more students must be pre-arranged
  • Appointments are not to be traded between, or given to, other students

Supported open practice times run throughout the year. Check room bookings for details.

Equipment and Supply Requests

Direct requests to the Equipment Supplies Clerks:

If several students will be practicing the same skill, elect a person to contact and reduce duplicate requests.

Requests to be made one business day in advance with the date, time, location and skills you will be practicing, and how many students will need supplies.

Note: Special arrangements may be needed for BSN-only skills to be practiced at the Cowichan campus. Enquire as needed.

  • No Food or Drinks, other than covered water, in the labs
  • Each student must clean up after themselves
  • Supplies and equipment must be returned to where they belong in a neat and tidy manner
  • Linen and bedding must be changed when soiled or damp
  • Notify an Equipment Supplies Clerk when the last of a disposable item is used or equipment is malfunctioning
  • The last person leaving the lab must turn off the lights and close all doors
  • The lab must be left ready for the next students to begin their work