Pre-requisite Requirements

Be prepared for your entry into the Practical Nursing Diploma program.

Admission Requirements

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Requirement High School Course VIU Course
one of:
  • C+ in English 12
  • C+ in English First Peoples 12
  • ENGL 067
  • English 115
one of:
  • C in Foundations of Math 11
  • C in Pre-calculus 11
  • C in Applications of Math 12
  • Math 045 Principles of Math 11: Part I
  • Math 046 Principles of Math 11: Part II
  • Math 047 Principles of Math 11 - Advanced
Grade 12
  • Grade 12 graduation or equivalent
Biology 12
  • C in Biology 12
Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • HHPN 100 – with a minimum grade of C+, must be completed before attending any Practical Nursing Diploma courses. Applicants may be granted conditional acceptance into the Practical Nursing Diploma program prior to successful completion of the required HHPN 100 course.

For information on costs, dates, textbooks and pre reading packages, see Health Sciences and Human Services Professional Development and Training or call our registration line: 1.866.734.6252