Stephanie McCune


Doctorate Social Sciences (University of Tilburg, Netherlands)

Stephanie currently works for a large health organization specifically in the area of substance use. Through her role she has continued to build on her PhD work and introduce and develop collaborative therapeutic practices for individuals, families and groups accessing substance use treatment services. Stephanie sees her key role as influencing organizational change by promoting direct service practices that foster compassion, inclusion and partnership, and address the stigma, shame and isolation often encountered by people affected by substance use. She has developed literature for the Province of British Columbia to support parents and caregivers affected by substance use.  She released a book in the fall of 2015 written to aid direct service provider’s in their efforts to integrate collaborative group approaches for people accessing substance use programming. Stephanie is very interested in research, specifically research that privileges the voices of those often not heard in the substance use field (families, caregivers, practitioners). Stephanie has recently begun an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) project to elicit practitioner stories and opportunities for engaging families and carers of individuals involved in substance use services.