Wilma Zaal Delonchamp


Wilma began her nursing career in 2004, after graduating from Laurentian University’s Bachelor of Sciencin Nursing program. Her interest in teaching and research led her to complete her Master’s of Science in Nursing in 2009 and obtain a post graduate degree from the Ontario Training Centre for Health Policy and Health Services Research, a consortium of six Ontario Universities.

Her work as an RN spans a wide variety of health care settings including public health, acute care (pediatric), intensive care (adult and neonatal) and specialized community care nursing (midwifery and geriatrics). She has a keen interest in interdisciplinary practice and has conducted research in barriers and facilitators to collaborative practice in the maternal child health field.  She has taught as a lecturer, clinical instructor, faculty advisor, preceptor, laboratory instructor and course professor. As the Chair of the Practical Nursing program, Wilma’s goals are to improve the student experience at VIU and to continue to strive towards organizational excellence.