Marti Harder



Marti joined the VIU BSN program as a full-time faculty member in 2016.  Previous to this, Marti was Chair of Health Programs (LPN and HCA) at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (a BC Indigenous college) and also worked as an Instructor at Thompson Rivers University in the BSN program. Marti has worked extensively with the BC nursing regulatory body, which provided a strong foundation of knowledge about the profession. Marti’s diverse nursing background spanned acute care (post-surgical, general medicine, mental health), community (home health), and end-of-life care. These experiences took place in urban, rural and remote BC communities, some while working as a travel nurse. Marti’s passions as an Educator include student engagement/empowerment and partnership with learners, recognizing that ‘success’ means different things to different people. Marti’s research interests are broad, and include grace-based teaching, the support of students in distress, organizational change, the meaning of educational success for students, and what matters to older adults.


“To understand education, one must love it or care deeply about learning, and accept it as a legitimate process for growth and change…[Y]ou have to have enough love of learning to have the courage to remake it, imagine it, and teach it” (Battiste, 2013, p. 190).