VIU CYC Program

Child and Youth Care

  • International Child and Youth Care Network
  • Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia - The Association is home to news about the field of child and youth care in BC; includes the Code of Ethics used in Vancouver Island University Child and Youth Care Programs.
  • Council of Child and Youth Care Associations of Canada - The Council is the national networking organization representing the profession in Canada. Inactive member child and youth care associations are recognized by the Council which strives to promote the association movement throughout the nation. There are no associations in the territories. Members are encouraged to submit content for the site: articles, workshop notices, information and images which would contribute to the networking purpose of the site.
  • Child and Youth Care Education Consortium - The Child and Youth Care Education Consortium of British Columbia (CYCECBC) was established in 1993 as a structure to coordinate child and youth care post-secondary education within the province. The Consortium has representation from all university and college programs in B.C. that provide child and youth care education at certificate, diploma and degree levels, as well as members from private sector training programs, professional associations, employer federations, and the government.
  • Relational Child and Youth Care Practice - Vancouver Island University is home to the journal.
  • Childcare Resource and Research Unit - Resources and research on early childhood education and care
  • Federation of Community Social Services of BC - Agencies serving children and families in British Columbia.

Child Health

  • Child Welfare League of America - The CWLA is dedicated to the well-being of children, youth and families; and to protecting children from harm
  • Child Welfare League of Canada - The CWLC is dedicated to protecting and promoting the well-being of Canada's children, particularly those who are at-risk because of poverty, abuse and neglect.
  • Children’s Mental Health – Ontario - Ontario information with terrific links to other sites
  • Early Learning Partnership - New knowledge, working with communities and families in BC to support early childhood learning
  • Ministry of Health BC - BC government ministry responsible for health
  • Abilities Canada - The site provides information for people with disabilities
  • Family Service Canada - Resources on children and families; determinants of well-being
  • Kidshealth - Information on the health of children through to adolescence
  • Search Institute - 40 developmental assets that have been identified as crucial to raising successful young people
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority - Searchable directory of community services encompasses Vancouver Island and some coastal mainland regions. Services listed cover a broad range of subjects including health, wellness, education and community development.

Children and the Law

Children’s Rights

Child Welfare

Resources for Children and Youth and Families

Substance Abuse and Addictions