Dr. Sandy Shultz


Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar

Dr. Sandy Shultz is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Human Services at Vancouver Island University. Sandy’s  research activities are currently supported by the Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar and the New Frontiers in Research Fund.

Research Activities

Sandy completed an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology (University of Saskatchewan), as well as a MSc and PhD in Neuroscience (University of Western Ontario). Sandy is an international leader in the field of traumatic brain injury (e.g. concussion), and has published over 110 articles on the topic of brain injury and related conditions including epilepsy, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Sandy has expertise in blood biomarkers, neuroimaging, behaviour, pharmaceutical, electrophysiological, and molecular methods; and routinely applies these techniques to study brain injury in patients and animal models.

Sandy’s laboratory at Vancouver Island University will initially focus on understanding brain injury that occurs as a result of domestic violence, aiming to develop objective biomarkers and effective treatments that will improve the clinical care and outcomes of this underserved population. Other projects will investigate sports-related concussion, more severe forms of acquired brain injury, and the neurological impact of other types of trauma. Any students who are interested in studying these topics can contact Sandy directly at sandy.shultz@viu.ca.

An updated list of Sandy’s research publications can be found here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?sort=date&term=Shultz+SR&cauthor_id=34318301

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